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About Mortgage Resource Group

A Message From the President

about_JeffThank you for visiting our web site.

If you are like me, I visit the web site of a company I may need to work with to find out

1) Are they legit?
2) Do they have the product I need?
3) Will they give me the customer service I expect

I want answers fast and to the point. I want to be able to zero in on a decision quickly, assume my needs will be met, and move onto the next adventure in the game of life.

Mortgage Resource Group is prepared to answer these questions.

We are a referral based company that has been in business for 24 years. We have been in the same location this entire time. Our key personnel have worked together for over twenty years. We are one of the oldest pure mortgage brokers in the State of Illinois.

As an independent mortgage broker, we have contractual relationships with many well-known national mortgage companies. We have access to all their loan programs, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans. We are sought after by these giant lenders because of our experience and the quality of our mortgage loans. We have access to the product you need.

As for customer service, we survive and in fact flourish solely from word of mouth. Mortgages have become commodities. Every company offers the same products and pretty much the same price. What sets companies apart is their customer service. Our longevity is the best barometer of our level of service. People trust us, and nothing is more important in a financial services business.

I hope we can be of service to you, and thereby welcome you and your family and associates into ours for many years to come.

Jeff Magee

About Us

Independent Chicagoland Mortgage Brokers

icon_aboutMortgage Resource Group is an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee operating under the State of Illinois’ Division of Banking. (Illinois License Number #1031, National Mortgage License # 207793)

Established in 1989, Mortgage Resource Group has earned the reputation among homeowners, attorneys, realtors, accountants and financial planners as a truly professional organization staffed with experienced, caring and knowledgeable people.

We provide mortgage loans on single family homes, condominiums, and 2-4 unit apartment buildings. We handle both purchases and refinances, and we do loans for investors as well as owner occupants.

Our goal is to procure for you a competitively priced mortgage loan in a timely manner with a minimum amount of effort on your part. We have the resources and know-how to achieve this goal, and have been delivering on our promise for nearly 25 years!